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Financiers, sponsors and donors

Ever since the foundation of individual projects running under the wing of the Kersnikova Institute since 2000 – Kapelica Gallery (1995), Rampa Lab (2012) and BioTehna (2012) – their programmes and operation have been supported from public, private and own funds. Since the late 1990s, the key supporters in development and representation of the arts and education programme of the Kersnikova Institute have been the Ministry of Culture and the City of Ljubljana. Other important contributions came from the Open Society Institute Slovenia (1996–1999), Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2007–2009). Continuous operation of the individual platforms of the Kersnikova Institute has been secured throughout the years by the Student Organization of University of Ljubljana.

The Kersnikova arts programme has been regularly co-financed by EU funds within the Creative Europe (2007–2013, 2014–2020) and Horizon 2020 programme (2014–2020) and occasionally by public and private foundations from certain countries (Arts Council England, Mondriaan Fund, Pro Helvetia, and others). In establishing the support programmes for children and youth which they carry out at Kersnikova, the funds of the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme (2012–2015) and the Swiss Contribution to the Enlarged European Union (2012–2013) aided greatly. As part of international consortia, the Kersnikova Institute prepares actively for the upcoming EU tenders (Horizon 2020, Creative Europe) in the current financial perspective (2014–2020).

Apart from the public funds and their own share of funding, for development and operation of its programmes, the Kersnikova Institute also draws on private sector funding, albeit to a lesser extent. In long-term cooperation with private supporters (sponsors, donors, patrons), the Kersnikova Institute strives for a deepened partnership where both partners complement one another contentually and nourish and pave the mutual path together. Their cooperation is with companies and individual investors who are aware of the necessity of continuous questioning of technological developments and the science-submerged society; so those who recognize the Kersnikova arts and education programme, pledged to the avant-garde, to the urban, to bold exploration and transdisciplinary cooperation, as key to understanding the contemporary and the excitement of experiencing the outlines of the future.