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CO2 gas sensor

The MG81 CO2 sensor arrived from Bankok. After staring at the circuit schematic for some time like a dog that had been shown a card trick I realised some proper study of electronics is going to be necessary to get …

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the beauty of tiny invisible thingies

As 7K entered the world of invisible it was dazzled by the beauty of microorganisms. Microorganisms so tiny and small but combine an universe that covers all of the surface of the earth. Microorganisms /Greek: μικρός, mikrós, meaning small and …

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A shopping mission today has yielded all the stuff I need to create three Ping))) ultrasonic sensor housings for under eight quid. The pineapple is optional.

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the mighty batbox

Okay so it’s great having three Ping))) sensors and three Arduino Duemilanove boards to power them but it’s no good if they’re just flopping about on the desktop like fish out of water with nothing to contain them. Enter the …

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ultrasonic arrival

Isn’t it splendid when 3 ultrasonic sensors arrive in the post? The Parallax Ping))) rangefinders arrived today from the supplier in Belgium. Looking forward to hooking them up to the Roboduino microcontroller to see how well they work. For anyone …

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