invisible kingdom

Kevin Kelly, senior maverick at Wired, presented a new definition of technology: ‘anything useful invented by a mind’ – whether it be a hammer or the rule of law. So technology is more than gadgets; it’s part of a great story that started long ago, an extension of life and it is moving through us.
So what does technology want according to Kevin Kelly? It wants us to be happy, it wants our co-operation, because we’re the sexual organs of technology. It wants increasing diversity, increasing complexity, increasing energy density and efficiency, increasing specialization. This patterns that we see that technology follows are the same patterns biology and evolution follows. In this respect Kelly’s suggestion that we should see technology as the 7th kingdom of life isn’t that outrageous.

7K in 7K:new life form stands for 7th kingdom of life but not only for emphasizing an enthusiastic exploration of technology but also for an awareness that technology is a part of our lives and it is not going to disappear with our ignorance. It has a life of it’s own that grows, evolves, expands and if we don’t start to understand it, use it and employing it in the right ways or places the technology will not stop growing but will overgrow us as species and destroy our natural biotope that is so crucial for our survival. So denial of technologies existence isn’t really an answer but responsible application is.

Some more on the 7th kingdom of life: To Upgrade is Human, How Technology Will Transform Us, Memes and Temes.

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