Concept, research, visual and spacial realization, web development >> Saša Spačal
Processing programing, system of sensors and web development >> Joby Harding
Max/msp programing, sound design and web development >> Tadej Droljc
Scientific consulting and micrographs >> dr. Aleš Kladnik [Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana]
Production >> MMC Kiberpipa 2010

Saša Spačal /portfolio/ is a media artist with background in humanities, who has expanded her knowledge of computer graphics, web and video production at various workshops, and who is currently working in the fields of graphic design, real-time interactive video production and intermedia art both in Slovenia and abroad.
She has taken part in exhibitions and projects in Moderna galerija, Galerija Škuc and Galerija Alkatraz. As a member of Temp group she had participated in public interventions and installations, in the development of strategies for alternative use of abandoned spaces, and in exhibitions Odprti Rog, Pogovarjanja/Conversations/Conversas, Mapiranje/arhiviranje/analiziranje izginulih prostorov umetnosti. As a researcher, she had taken part in the international research project Performing the City. Art Actionism in Public Space in 1960s/1970s that had made its rounds in Munich, Naples, São Paulo, and Paris.
Her interactive instalation 7K: new life form was presented in Slovenia at Haip festival, in Czech Republic at Enter 5: Datapolis, art/sci/tech biennale Prague, in Turkey at AmberFest’11: Next Ecology, in Macedonia at De:sonanz 2012 and in Croatia at Device_art 4.012.
Currently she is studying the connections of various media, technological and biological organisms while developing two new projects Synergy with Tadej Droljc and Mycophone with Mirjan Švagelj and Anil Podgornik. Mycophone in it’s prototype version has been already exhibited at Device_art 4.013 and Enter 6: Biopolis, art/sci/tech biennale Prague.
In the field of interactive visualization and sound design she is developing strategies for usage of phisical interfaces for generating sound and visuals as a member of Theremidi Orchestra at Ljudmila_Ljubljana digital media lab.

Tadej Droljc is active in the field of electronic/electro-acoustic music production, sound visualization and music criticism. Currently his main focus is exploring the possibilities of sound visualization as an audio controller or an audio interface. That was also a part of his dissertation entitled Analysis driven sonographic sound processing in real-time using Max/MSP and Jitter. He finished a BSc course called Computer Music at the University of Hull in England and graduated in year 2011. He is currently running a Workshop of Sound Synthesis for Institute of Sonic Arts Research – IRZU and works on many interaction based audio-visual projects.

Joby Harding is a designer and creative coder based in the UK. He is in his final year at the University of Hull in Scarborough studying Web Development and is passionate about exploring the possibilities presented by interactive technologies to create unique, exciting digital experiences. Web:

Special thanks to Maja Smrekar, Metka Pretnar, Robertina Šebjanič, Jedrt Maležič and MMC Kiberpipa crew.

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