Synergy is a neural machine prototype that enables us to reprogram human brain via brain-computer interface. At the same time, it is also an audiovisual object that reflects ourselves as well as our interaction with others. This neural machine invites us to become present in the »here and now«, as this is the only way we are able to control it via neuroheadsets that measure our brain electrical activity – EEG. In the neurochamber we connect to the machine as a neural impulse generator and ignite an infinite neuro-bio-feedback loop that can reprogram our neuroplastic brains by experiencing and controlling two responsive audiovisual objects in a virtual 3D space. Audiovisual convergence or divergence reflect synchrony or asynchrony of brain waves generated by two users, through which we learn and develop our synergetic potential, our ability for cooperation and harmonization, which is essential in the evolutionary pressure of current geopolitical situation.

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