About Synergy

Synergy is a neural machine prototype for intra-brain communication. Users are able to reprogram their brain via brain-computer interface. Synergy’s audiovisual object reflects the user’s brainwave activity as well as their interaction with their partner in the machine. Synergy as neural machine invites the users to become present in the ‘here and now’, as this is the only way they are able to control it via neuroheadsets that measure their brain electrical activity – EEG. In the neurochamber the users connect to the machine as a neural impulse generator and ignite an infinite neuro-bio-feedback loop that can reprogram our neuroplastic brains by experiencing and controlling two responsive audiovisual objects in a virtual 3D space. Audiovisual convergence or divergence reflect synchrony or asynchrony of brain waves generated by two users, through which they learn and develop their synergetic potential, their ability for cooperation and harmonization, which is essential in the evolutionary pressure of current geopolitical situation.

Concept, research, graphic design, interface design, installation and web design: Saša Spačal
Concept, programming, visualisation and sound design: Tadej Droljc
Concept, neuroscience coordinator, EEG analysis, project member: Simon Brežan, dr. med., MD

Production: RAMPA,laboratory for hacking science, art and society
The project is supported by Ministry of culture RS, Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture and ŠOU Ljubljana.

Previous synergic experiments:
RAMPA, laboratory for hacking science, art and society, Ljubljana, Slovenia [september 2015]
Kunigunda festival, Velenje, Slovenia [august 2015]
RAMPA, laboratory for hacking science, art and society, Ljubljana, Slovenia [june 2014]
Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia [june, july 2013]

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